Internet of vehicles becomes a key application field

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At present, the new generation of information and communication technology (ICT), represented by mobile Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, etc., is innovating actively and developing rapidly, and is setting off a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation around the world. Through continuous integration with other ICT technologies, the Internet of things is accelerating its penetration into manufacturing technology, new energy, new materials and other fields.

According to the 2014 white paper on the Internet of things (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) released by the Institute of telecommunications of the Ministry of industry and information technology, in the face of the economic difficulties caused by the international financial crisis and the historical opportunities that a new round of technological revolution may bring, the governments of developed countries have carried out the strategic layout of the Internet of things, began to re-examine the strategic position of the real economy and manufacturing industry, and aimed at major integration and innovation The R & D and application of technology, looking for a new round of growth power, in order to grasp the initiative of international economic and technological competition in the future.

The development of Internet of vehicles enters the fast road

With the strategic guidance and market promotion of various countries, the application of the global Internet of things is accelerating. The new informatization driven by the Internet of things is deeply integrated with the traditional fields. The impact and impact of the Internet of things on the industry and market has been widely concerned. In general, the application of the global Internet of things is still in the early stage of development. The application of the Internet of things in the industry is gradually extensive and in-depth, and the application in the public market begins to appear. M2M (machine to machine communication), the Internet of vehicles, and smart grid are the key application fields with rapid global development in the past two years.

The Internet of vehicles can realize the integrated services of intelligent traffic management, intelligent dynamic information service and vehicle intelligent control, which is becoming the breakthrough point of the acceleration of automobile industry informatization. Marked by the gradual popularization of the Internet of vehicles, the automobile industry has begun to enter the “smart era”.

According to the white paper, taking the United States as an example, the low-end models produced in 2013 have been networked, with automatic parking, automatic follow-up and active collision avoidance functions. The global vehicle information service market is very active, with hundreds of manufacturers in scale, and the most representative global vehicle information service platforms such as OnStar and G-book of Toyota. By the end of 2013, anjixing had more than 6.6 million users worldwide. In January 2014, Chevrolet, at & T and OnStar announced close cooperation. Through at & T’s 4glte network, OnStar provides application store services based on HTML5 for Chevrolet automobile, including music, weather, news, automobile health detection and other contents.

Internet connection will become the standard configuration of future automobile

The global car ownership continues to grow at an average annual rate of 20%. The huge car market and people’s demand for comfortable, intelligent, safe and low-carbon driving experience provide a strong driving force for the growth of Internet of vehicles services. According to the report on the Internet of vehicles jointly released by GSMA and SBD, it is estimated that by 2018, the total amount of the global Internet of vehicles market will reach 39 billion euros, three times of the total market amount in 2012. Internet connection will become the standard configuration of future vehicles. By 2025, 100% of the vehicles will have mobile Internet access function. This will be the largest and most powerful change in the development of the automobile industry in more than 100 years. In the future, the development of the Internet of vehicles will be based on the principle of intelligence and interaction, integrating wireless communication, intelligent navigation, parking aid, intelligent security, hands-free speech recognition, energy saving, entertainment video and other functions, and vehicles without the Internet of vehicles system will lose market competitiveness.

The white paper also said that at present, there are many Internet enterprises to accelerate the layout of the Internet of vehicles, and a new industrial pattern is forming. Google, together with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA, has established the open automotive Alliance (OAA) to speed up the innovation of automobile interconnection. Android ecosystem will be extended to the automobile platform to realize the interconnection of multiple brands of automobiles. Apple has cooperated with Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and Volvo to launch the Carplay car system, and the matching models have been released at the Geneva auto show. BMW also aims at the domestic market and cooperates with China Unicom to launch the BMW Internet driving business.

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