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Henan Hui Shan Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, Founded in China in 2014, a manufacture who concentrates on GPS tracking device, speed limiter, AI -MDVR (mobile digital video recorder), and so on for the ITS(intelligent transportation system) of commercial vehicle solution, for instance, buses and trucks, pickup and contruction machinary.

GPS tracking device

What is GPS tracking device?

GPS technology has made it easier to keep track of your vehicle no matter where you are. In addition to preventing the permanent theft of a vehicle, GPS trackers come in handy when you have multiple drivers in a family or for commercial purposes with employees.

GPS tracking device supplier

Henan Hui Shan Electronics is committed to providing GPS tracking device with complete functions for customers, such as vibration alarm function, ACC ignition alarm function, Geo-fence alarm function, and power/fuel remote cutting off function to make sure vehicle anti-theft.

What GPS tracking can do for you?

GPS trackers are great for keeping your vehicle safe, knowing its location at all times, and monitoring the habits of various drivers.

A mini car tracker allows you to know your vehicle’s location no matter where you are.

Monitoring driving habits can provide important information on how your car is used, this can be a great way to keep tabs on how well they are driving and what habits may need to be corrected when you aren’t around.

Whether you’re the owner of a single family car that is occasionally shared by family members or a fleet of company vehicles driven by an entire team of mobile employees, GPS trackers are a valuable tool for helping you keep track of your assets.

Speed limiter

We also provide speed limiter, which is also called speed governor for driver’s speed control. And there is no doubt that fleet management function is the biggest advantage of our speed limiter.

AI -MDVR (mobile digital video recorder)

For the MDVR device,we make it based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. It’s able for driver’s face recognition by DMS (driver monitoring system), such as fatigue driving,smoking driving, cell phone driving, distracted driving, gesture recognition, etc.

And the ADAS (advanced driving assistance system) of AI MDVR can give early warning accurately to the front cars and road conditions. That effectively avoids the occurance of accidents to make sure driver’s safety.

We continues to invest resources in technology research and development, iterate over software and hardware, and improve service experience.

Our products have served for government and private customer. We develop together with our customers by our product and service, so as to hugely improve the working efficiency, save the cost, and make great more value for customers.

Hui Shan electronics aims to provide a complete and effective solution of fleet management system for customer.

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