AI MDVR For Passenger car solution

Driving problems

  • Ø Illegal Driving:Behaviors of affecting security of passengers ,such as Over-speed,rapid accelerate and decelerate,sharp turn etc.
  • Ø Abnormal Accidents:It’s accidents-prone under the circumstances of door-open with speed,rear door clamping,passengers not alighting.
  • Ø Emergency:Extreme acts such as arson or explosion on buses require complete post-mortem evidence.
  • Ø Vehicle Fault:Vehicle fault in driving should be reported in time for avoiding accidents.

Operating problems

  • Ø Device Maintenance :device changing and maintenance long time-consuming affecting formal driving of vehicles.
  • Ø Vehicle Forensics: Unable forensics
  • Ø Road Forensics:Unable forensics of road and accidents
  • Ø Vehicle Scheduling:Complex and cumbersome vehicle scheduling is far less convenient than switching routes with one button.
  • Ø Scientific Shift:Scientific analysis of scientific modeling to solve the problem of high error rate, peak and peak reasonable scheduling.
  • Ø Passenger Number: It is impossible to count the true number of passenger, thus affecting the company’s earnings.


  1. Video records of driver, passengers and road fully monitoring through front, middle and rear camera; Forensics of personnel, vehicle and road.
  2. AI-ADAS technology reminds road safety hidden danger, effectively reduce road accidents
  3. AI-DMS technology can manage the driver’s state, and timely remind the driver of abnormal driving behaviors such as fatigue driving
  4. Vehicle scheduling system one–button switching
  5. Abundant management reports, alarm of illegal driving and records.
  6. Supporting talking of office and driver
  7. Alarm of vehicle emergency( emergency brake, sharp turn, rapid accelerating, crash)
  8. Alarm of vehicle accident
  9. User-friendly operating page
  10. Support computers and mobile phones (IOS 和 ANDROID)

Function Description

Local Unit Of Ai Mdvr

Local Unit Of Ai Mdvr

Mdvr For Truck Tank Car School Bus

Mdvr For Truck Tank Car School Bus

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