GPS 2G monitor

  • Торговая марка: Fast Link GPS
  • Товар: GPS мониторинг
  • Модель: P5
  • Основная функция: голосовой мониторинг, сигнализация SOS, сигнализация обрыва провода, сигнализация вибрации автомобиля, дистанционное отключение питания / топлива, сигнализация зажигания ACC, сигнализация входа / выхода, сигнализация превышения скорости, встроенная литиевая батарея, IOS, ANDROID, ПОДДЕРЖКА WINDOWS, OEM служба поддержки
  • Размер: 95 * 50 * 15 мм
  • Оплата: TT, PAYPAL
  • Применимые автомобили: мотоцикл, мотоцикл, автомобиль

Product Brief:

GPS tracker with voice Monitor(2G), model P5 is widely used in automobile for anti-theft purpose and remote control the vehicle. It is able to monitor the voice from the driver’s cab. P5 with voice monitoring with high accuracy is a great tracking and safety device for classic and commercial vehicles. Get all the real-time tracking information you need and get an overview about the route and status of the vehicle. It is compatible with most of the vehicles on the market. With this device, you will not have the problem of localization your vehicle with high precision while taking advantage of the listening function to keep you informed of what is going on inside the vehicle. 


GPS with monitoring

What can GPS with voice monitor do?

  1. The driver cab voice can be monitor by real time.
  2. Если мотоцикл / автомобиль находится в состоянии вибрации, сообщение будет отправлено конечному пользователю, и автоматический телефонный звонок будет вызван конечному пользователю.
  3. Если мотоциклетный / автомобильный провод оборван, сообщение будет отправлено конечному пользователю, а конечному пользователю будет автоматически дозвониться по телефону.
  4. If the motorbike/automobile wire is steal and running on the way, end user can remotely cut the fuel and electricity, so as to stop the vehicle. When there is an emergency happened on the vehicle, driver can put on SOS button and the installed unit will send out alarm to the authorized numbers.
  5. It supports dialing the default SOS mobile number directly. After receiving a call, the person on the SOS number will be able to hear what is happening around the car charger or the interior of the vehicle. During listening, the device does not produce any sound or light signals and therefore it is total unobserved listening.When there is an emergency happened on the vehicle, driver can also put on SOS button and the installed unit will send our alarm to the authorized number.
  6. The vehicle can be remote control by PC platform or android or IOS phone.



Голосовой мониторинг: он может контролировать голос из кабины водителя.

Функция голосового мониторинга Gps Pro

Функция голосового мониторинга Gps Pro

Тревога SOS: в автомобиле произошла авария, водитель может нажать кнопку SOS, и установленное устройство отправит тревогу на авторизованные номера.

Функция GPS Pro Sos


How does the P5 and your mobile phone interact?

You can download and install the GPS app from the APP Store, and then provide to provide links between GPS tracking devices and smartphones. The connected GPS tracker does not communicate directly with the owner’s mobile phone. On the contrary, it sends data to the intermediate server. Then the server forwards the data to the GPS application on the mobile phone, so that the user can effectively interact with the GPS tracker. Install the GPS tracker on cars, motorcycles, electric bikes and other vehicles, and help the mobile phone owner locate the accurate position of the vehicle or monitor its route through the tracking application. Thus, the possibility of vehicle accident or theft is greatly reduced.



Some reasons that you choice us:

1.Locate your vehicle at any given time

The main function of GPS tracker is to provide vehicle location, which is also the most commonly used main function of it. For example, if you park your car in a mall parking lot and find your car missing when you come out, you can use your GPS tracker to see if it has been towed away.

2.Get help in an emergency

GPS tracker can also help you in an emergency. Foe example, when you are trapped or have an accident, and you are not familiar with the environment, the positioning function of GPS tracker can help emergency personnel quickly obtain your positioning so that they can rescue you in time.

3.Recover your stolen vehicle faster

According to statistics, more than 74900 cars are stolen every dat in the world. In most cases, thieves can successfully drive away their cars without breaking in or energizing the car with the key, or remote key left by the owner. However, you can also provide the police with location of the vehicle after the vehicle is stolen by the GPS tracker, so as to increase the possibility of finding the vehicle after it Is stolen.

4.Get trip details and statistics

Hui Shan GPS mini tracker can also provide travel details and statistics, such as the date and time of formation, vehicle driving distance and.

4. Professional and prompt service

Our engineer is ready to make prompt response  for all the relevant questions.

5. the best price and reliable quality

We are manufacturer and our price is most competitive on the market.

6. customization

we will offer you all type protocol if you need our device work with your platform.

We will offer you all customization option for device function or different feathers by quantity order.

Изображение положения установки автомобиля

Изображение положения установки автомобиля







Основная функция: 

  • voice monitoring
  • voice communication (need extra microphone)
  • SOS alarm(need extra SOS button)
  • Тревога при обрыве провода
  • G-sensor available, alarm when vehicle is under vibration condition
  • Удаленное отключение электроэнергии / топлива
  • сигнализация при превышении скорости
  • встроенный литиевый аккумулятор;
  • Отслеживание в реальном времени;
  • Вход / выход сигнализация зоны геозоны
  • мобильный заявитель доступен для IOS и ANDROID
  • Веб-платформа для WINDOWS
  • Поддержка OEM с индивидуальным брендом


Технические характеристики GPS-мониторинга

1. Vehicle GPS tracker
2. Battery: 150mAh, internal lithium battery
3. датчик рабочей мощности, сигнализация при отключении питания
4. датчик вибрации, сигнал тревоги, когда автомобиль находится в состоянии вибрации
5. GSM : 850/900/1800/1900, четырехдиапазонный
6. Объем мониторинга: 5 метров
7. Датчик вибрации: сигнализация вибрации
9. Working Voltage: 9-100V DC; Working current:<40mA(12vDC)
10. Рабочая температура -20 ℃ + 70 ℃.
11. Светодиодный индикатор : включение / выключение питания.
12. dimension: :80(L)×39(W)×13(H)mm
13. weight: 49g

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