GPS 4G monitor

  • Marca: Fast Link GPS
  • Produtos: GPS
  • Modelo: P7
  • Função principal: 4G, monitoring, SOS, wire cut alarm, vehicle vibration alarm, remotely cutting off power/fuel, ACC ignition alarm, in/out Geo-fence alarm, over speed alarm, built in lithium battery, IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS SUPPORT, OEM support
  • Tamanho: 80*39*13mm
  • Veículos aplicáveis: motocicleta, motocicleta, carro

Product Brief:

4G GPS tracker with voice monitor, model P7, is 4G vehicle GPS locator widely used in motorbike, automobile and other vehicle. It can clearly monitor the vocie from driver cab, and simpliy remote control your vehicle by cutting off oil/fuel/ and power. If the vehicle is under thieving,  it will make alarm call to the owner by ACC alarm. Especially, It use use 4G technology to give the instant tracking response, and it also combined with 2G technology as backup. When there is no 4G signal, 2G will be available. It will greatly protect the data safety. in addition, our 4G band is wildly cover majority of countries in the world. It keep working for cross-border transportation.

It comes with voice monitoring/voice communication and SOS button. It will greatly improve the fleet management effieicity and road safety.

It also built in vibration sensor and ACC. It will make send SMS to platform and admin phone to protect vehicle from thief.

It will great improve the working efficiency and safety for vehicle.


SOS button is also available as option.


Some reasons that you choice us:

1.both 4G and 2G will support you to Locate your vehicle at any given time

The main function of GPS tracker is to provide vehicle location, which is also the most commonly used main function of it. For example, if you park your car in a mall parking lot and find your car missing when you come out, you can use your GPS tracker to see if it has been towed away.

2.monitoring the driving cab

It is able to monitor the voice from driver cab, it will great imporve the safety driving and imporve management level.

3.emergency message and call

GPS tracker can also help you in an emergency. SOS button is option, when driver is under emergency, he can use the SOS button send the emergency message and make emergency call as well.

4.Recover your stolen vehicle faster

According to statistics, more than 74900 cars are stolen every dat in the world. In most cases, thieves can successfully drive away their cars without breaking in or energizing the car with the key, or remote key left by the owner. However, you can also provide the police with location of the vehicle after the vehicle is stolen by the GPS tracker, so as to increase the possibility of finding the vehicle after it Is stolen.

5.Get trip details and statistics

It  can also provide professional fleetmanagement platform, it includes statistics data, like alarm type, geofence, playback, emergency call. we can depend you your specific requirement to update our platform.

6. Professional and prompt service

Our engineer is ready to make prompt response  for all the relevant questions.

7. the best price and reliable quality

We are manufacturer and our price is most competitive on the market.

8. customization

we will offer you all type protocol if you need our device work with your platform.

We will offer you all customization option for device function or different feathers by quantity order.

Imagem da posição de instalação do veículo

Função principal: 

  • voice monitoring
  • voice communication (need extra microphone)
  • SOS alarm(need extra SOS button)
  • Alarme quando o fio está cortando
  • G-sensor available, alarm when vehicle is under vibration condition
  • Cortando remotamente energia / combustível
  • alarme quando excesso de velocidade
  • bateria de lítio embutida;
  • Rastreamento em tempo real;
  • Alarme de área de cerca geográfica de entrada / saída
  • candidato móvel está disponível para IOS e ANDROID
  • Plataforma web para WINDOWS
  • Suporte OEM com marca personalizada




Specification of Gps Monitoring 4G

1. 4G Vehicle GPS tracker for motorcycle/vehicle
2. Battery: 150mAh, internal lithium battery
3. sensor de potência de trabalho: alarme ao desligar
4. sensor de vibração: alarme quando o veículo está sob condição de vibração

5. Band:4G: FDD:B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B66;  2G:  GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHZ; TDD:B34/B38/B39/B40/B41

7. Temperatura de trabalho: -20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
8. Tensão de trabalho: 9-100V DC; Corrente de trabalho: <40mA (12vDC)
9. dimension: :80(L)×39(W)×13(H)mm


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