Vehicle OBD(on board diagnosis) for Personal

  • Brand: Hui Shan
  • Product: OBD
  • Model: HSC1
  • Main Function: used for automobile only with diagnostic function, positioning function, network communication function, driving behavior, alarm function, remote control management function
  • Size: 61*48*25mm
  • Payment: TT, PAYPAL
  • Applicable vehicles: car, automobile

This OBD Support for automobile only.

Product picture and description of OBD:

Front View Of Obd

Front View Of Obd

Side View Of Obd

Side View Of Obd

HSC1 intelligent on-board terminal meets OBDII diagnostic criteria, communicates with on-board ECU computer, and has remote diagnosis function. It Integrated with advanced wireless data communication module; high precision GPS module, which can provide, precise positioning, high-performance triaxial gravity and force sensor can obtain driving behavior analysis and collision warning; It is for free installation and can be used as long as it is plugged in car diagnostic interface, for real-time location information, auto diagnostic data and fault information and it can upload the vehicle running status, vehicle condition data, vehicle fuel consumption data, driver control data and other data to the service platform. These data will be analyzed by the service platform, and the platform will count the vehicle trajectory, driving behavior, fuel consumption analysis, anti-theft tracking, etc.

Product Features

  • Plug and play, do not need to destroy the original car line, causing damage to the original car。
  • Wide range of supporting models, data collection, suitable for more than 95% of models on the market.
  • Low-power mode sleep and wake mechanism, can greatly reduce the impact of on-board terminal on the original car battery.
  • Remote monitoring of driving behavior, real-time speed, engine load, terminal built-in 3-axis accelerometer data.
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicle failure, car battery, residual oil, vehicle safety status.
  • Precise statistics of fuel consumption and mileage, obtaining information of fuel consumption and mileage from automobile, with accuracy up to 99%.
  • Vehicle fault alarm, real-time monitoring engine sensor and actuator fault, real-time alarm.
  • Vehicle battery low voltage alarm, monitoring the battery voltage, by sending an alarm to the owner.
  • The car machine plug and pull alarm, when the car machine is pulled out OBDII port, the car will report a car machine pulled out of the police situation.
  • Vehicle track tracking, anytime and anywhere to query the current location of the vehicle information, historical track playback.
  • Butterfly algorithm is adopted to optimize the GPS trajectory, GPS trajectory will not drift, accurate positioning.
  • Blind area data supplement, the vehicle will be the information storage, such as the signal, then the data re-transmission report.

Product Functions

Product Functions

Diagnostic function Vehicle data flow Regularly report the critical data flow of the vehicle.
Read vehicle trouble The terminal identifies the vehicle fault information and reports to the platform when the vehicle fault status changes.
Clear vehicle trouble Issue instructions through the platform to clear the vehicle fault.
Ignition and flameout judgment Accurately determine the ignition and flameout of the vehicle, turn to be sleep state for reducing the powder consumption.
Mileage statistics Accurately calculate and count the mileage and fuel consumption of vehicles by reading OBD data.
Trip Report You can report the car information after a trip.
Vehicle checkup It can realize the professional fault diagnosis of the vehicle, provide a vehicle condition assessment.
GPS/BD Positioning GPS/BD dual mode positioning can be realized, in line with the national encouragement policy.
Positioning function Positioning data Latitude and longitude, time, number of satellites, speed, direction, ACC status, battery voltage
Base station positioning function Containing network Base station LAC and CellID information, operator code.
Intelligent trajectory The terminal automatically determines the trajectory path to achieve the butterfly shape effect of the trajectory.
Report at intervals The monitoring platform sets the mode and frequency parameters of the return location information from the sending terminal.
Network communication function GSM/GPRS Suitable for domestic mobile/Unicom 2G network and global 2G network
Network dropped and reconnected Network drop can automatically reconnect.
Communication Protocol TCP protocol is adopted for data information interaction with the platform
Parameter setting Set the IP address, port number and APN of the terminal directly through the platform.
Driving behavior Driving behavior Including driving cycle start and end time, driving cycle total mileage, average speed, maximum speed, over-speed duration, over-speed number, idle duration, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turn information.
Driving behavior event Separately reporting the occurrence of rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turn events in the process of vehicle running.
Alarm function Vehicle fault alarm The vehicle has a fault code alarm through OBD diagnosis.
Ignition remind Reporting ignition alarm when vehicle is ignited, including ignition time, GPS information.
Flameout remind Reporting flameout alarm when vehicle turns off, including ignition time, GPS information.
Low voltage alarm If the vehicle voltage is lower than the adjustable voltage threshold, report low voltage alarm, including alarm time and GPS information.
Alarm for excessive idle speed If the idling time of the vehicle exceeds the time threshold that can be set, it shall report an alarm for too long idling time, including alarm time and GPS information.
Water temperature alarm For vehicles that support OBD water temperature data, if the water temperature exceeds the temperature threshold that can be set, the alarm of water temperature will be reported, including the alarm time, GPS information and the current water temperature value.
Over-speed alarm If the vehicle travels faster than the speed threshold that can be set, the over-speed alarm shall be reported, including the alarm time and GPS information.
Collision alarm During the driving process of the vehicle, the acceleration generated is greater than the threshold value that can be set. After filtering by the front and rear speed, it is defined as the scene of serious collision and reported to the collision alarm, including the collision time, GPS information and collision acceleration
Device powdered on remind Terminal device insert, report insert reminder.
Device pulled up alarm When the terminal equipment is pulled out, report the pull out alarm (when there is an optional power supply).
Remote control management function Remote upgrading The terminal software can be upgraded remotely through mobile network and via FTP server.
Remote restart Issue a command through the data channel to restart the device.
Remote inquiry The platform inquires terminal information, vehicle type, GPRS communication parameters, heartbeat parameters and so on through the network remotely.
Remote setting The platform remotely sets terminal information, vehicle type, GPRS communication parameters, heartbeat parameters and so on through the mobile network.

Application Area:

  • Personal owner
  • 4S group
  • Telecom operator
  • Insurance company
  • Government and enterprise fleet
  • Petroleum and petrochemical
  • Automobile aftermarket service
  • Automobile social
  • Motor club
  • Auto gifts

Technical Index:

Technical Index

Mechanical parameter Size 61mm(length) x 48mm(Width) x 25mm(height)
Weight 60g
Port OBD Port:Standard 16pin OBD II

SIM card port:Micro SIM,Push-Push Type

Debug setting port:MICRO USB

Storage 4MB FLASH,Up to 20,000 PIECES of GPS data can be store
Diagnosis ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4, ISO 15765-4, SAE J1939(Customization function)
Power supply Work Voltage 9-36VDC  With anti – reverse connection function, with self – recovery fuse
Mean operating current <70mA
Maximum operation current <120mA
Sleep current: <3mA
Built-in battery 3.7V/90mAH(match)
Triaxial acceleration sensor +/-16g,Driving behavior detection
Positioning code GPS   Support AGPS download ephemeris assisted positioning
GPS Receiving channel: 48

Reception sensitivity: -163 DBM

Positioning accuracy: 5m CEP

Cold start: half sky state < 60S

Hot start: <1s

Mode of date transmission GPRS/ SMS Support mobile, Unicom 2G network, compatible with the Internet card
2G spectrum Working spectrum:GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Indicator lights OBD/GSM/GPS indicating
 Antenna GSM antenna Built-in  PIFA
GPS antenna Built-in  25*25*4mm ceramics
Environmental index Working temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃
Storage temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Humidity 5%~95%(Not frost)
Hot and humid vibration GBT2423   JTT794   GB/T28046   GB/T28046.2
Electromagnetic compatibility Satisfy the demand of GB/T17619, GB/T18655, GB/T19951, GB/T21437, etc.

Indicator light definition:

Indicator light definition

Indicator light color Flashing status Definition
Blue(OBD indicator light) Flicker Trying to establish a communication connection with a car
Normally on Reading vehicle movement data
Red(Net indicator light) Flicker Attempting to establish communication connection with server
Normally on Transferring data to server
Green(GPS indicator light) Flicker Positioning
Normally on Positioned successfully

SMS query setting instruction:

SMS query setting instruction

AT+HOSTS Query the IP and port
AT+HOSTS Set IP and port
AT+APN=CMNET, user, pass Set APN, The user name and password can be omitted
AT+VERSION Query version
AT+MAP Query position
AT+RESET Reset the terminal

Precautions for use and installation:

Installment Position Of Obd

Installment Position Of Obd

The original appearance of the original installation, all kinds of models OBD common interface location

  • A District: Most models of most brands like GM, VW, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Citroen, BMW, etc.
  • B District: Honda, Volkswagen Touran, Lexus and other models
  • C District: Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Peugeot and other small number of models
  • E District:Some other auto models
Vehicle Installment Position Of Obd

Vehicle Installment Position Of Obd


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