Válvula de solenoide

  • Marca: Hui Shan
  • Producto: Válvula de solenoide
  • Función principal: adjusting the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of the medium in the industrial control system
  • Tamaño: 122.5*76*40.5mm
  • Pago: TT, PAYPAL
  • Vehículos aplicables: mechanical vehicle

Solenoid specification

Solenoid is accessory to be used for speed limiter if work under mechanical type vehicle.


solenoid picture


1.  direct-acting type; anti-shock; antifouling
2.  medium material: fuel, diesel, air
3. pressure: 0.0-1.6Mpa
4. connection: 2.5mm
5. voltage: 12V
6. valve material: copper


solenoid dimension

solenoid dimension


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