Passenger counter

  • Brand: Hui Shan
  • Product: Passenger Counter
  • Model: HSPA7
  • Main Function: Built-in image anti-shake algorithm, strong environment adaptability; high counting accuracy, supporting 180°installation, algorithm correction function, adaptive lens angle, focus information, possess strong scalability and portability, supporting installed according to the number of vehicle doors
  • Size: 178*65*58mm (logical unit)
  • Payment: TT, PAYPAL
  • Applicable Vehicles: bus, school bus, city bus, coach

Product Brief:

Passenger counter HSP9 is the high tech passenger counter with high resolution video recording and professional fleet management.

  • It can make accurate passenger counting, save this video into the SD card of logical unit and work out the passenger counting statistics by figure or chart.
  • It can max support three cameras for three doors.
  • It is 4G with multiband, the data can be save to cloud in administrator’s server as well.
  • It includes speaker and micro phone, and support two ways compunction with head office.
  • It also support for fleet management camera, like ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) cameras, DMS (driver monitoring system) cameras and BSD (blind-spot detection) cameras.

Passenger accounter Logical unit:

Logical Unit Of Passenger Counter Hsp9

Logical Unit Of Passenger Counter Hsp9

Logical Unit Of Passenger Counter Hsp9

Logical Unit Of Passenger Counter Hsp9

Logical Unit Of Passenger Counter Hsp9

Logical Unit Of Passenger Counter Hsp9

Logical Unit Dimension Of Passenger Counter

Logical Unit Dimension Of Passenger Counter

Passenger counter camera with night vision:

Passenger Counter Camera With Night Vision

Passenger Counter Camera With Night Vision

Passenger counter Main functions:

  • Accurate passenger counting with day and night vision.
  • Support 3 channels AHD video input, max support 2 channels 1080P and 1channel 720P real time video and local recording.
  • Support 1 channel IPC camera;
  • With ADAS、DMS、BSD functions(please check following for more details)
  • Support car driving recorder function;
  • Support vehicle speed, steering, opening and closing and so on detecting;
  • Support 1 channel HDMI high-definition video output ;
  • Support local upgrade and OTA upgrade;
  • Strong texture (aluminum alloy), easy to install;

Specification of Passenger accounter HSP9(logical unit):

Specification of HSP9(logical unit)

Master Binuclear the ARM the Cortex the A7-900MHz @, . 1 .0Tops neural network computing performance
Video Video input Support 3 channels of video input ( 2 channels 1 080 P, 1 channel 7 20 P)
Standard PAL、NTSC
Fps PAL 1~25 fps , NTSC 1~30fps
Image compression H.264 /H.265Main profile
Video output Support 1channel HDMI HD output
Audio Voice Support 1 audio input
Audio output 1 channel audio output
TTS voice Support online TTS
Image processing and storage Image format 2 channels 1080P and 1channel 720P real time video and local recording
Dual stream Main stream video, sub stream network transmission
Audio compression standard ADPCM、G.726、G.711
data storage 1 TF card, maximum support 256 G
input signal Switch Support 4 roads, which can be connected to the left /right turn signal, reversing signal and door signal of the vehicle
ACC signal ACC
Emergency alarm Support 1 emergency button
Voltage output 2 channels power output 1 channel 12VDC output
1channel 5VDC output
Communication interface Ethernet interface 1pcs 100M Ethernet interface
RS232 1pcs RS232
RS485 1pcs RS232
Wi-Fi Support 2.4G Wi-Fi AP communication mode
CAN 1pcs CAN
USB 1pcs USB 2.0
Satellite positioning Support GPS positioning
sensor Built-in six-axis sensor
Other parameters Operating Voltage 9V-36V DC
Temperature -20℃~70℃
Working humidity 10%~90%
Size 156×124×41.5 mm

Note: it also support the following AI technology, but it need the additional camera.

Support ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System) camera for Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning.

Adas Camera Of Mdvr For Forward Collision Warning And Lane Departure

Adas Camera Of Mdvr For Forward Collision Warning And Lane Departure

Support DMS (driver monitoring system) for fatigue, smoking, calling, distraction and cover lens warning)

Dms Functions Of Passenger Counter

Dms Functions Of Passenger Counter

Support BSD (blind-spot detection) cameras.

Bsd Camera Supporting Of Passenger Counter

Bsd Camera Supporting Of Passenger Counter


What is a Passenger Counter?

Dual people counting sensors called passenger counters, which are mounted on transit vehicles and count in and out numbers, are basically dual person counting sensors. It logs the number of passengers on trains, buses, and ships as they board and depart from each station or stop.

This compares to manual passenger counting where counts are off by an average 15%. APC technology can increase the reliability and accuracy of transit ridership tracking over manual counting methods used by operators or random surveying.

Transit operators are increasingly using passenger counter devices to increase their accuracy in reporting and analyze usage patterns. They link boarding and alighting data to stop or station locations.

Hui Shan Passenger Counter was designed for buses. It uses the latest 3D and AI (artificial technology) to produce high-accuracy accounting results.


Passenger counter has many benefits:

1.Real-time passenger occupancy data

Real-time data collection and processing allow vehicle optimization using live vehicle occupancy information. This allows for improved planning, optimization, evaluation, and management of traffic networks.

2.Customer satisfaction

Passengers can share real-time occupancy data from every train unit with each other to direct them to the available seats, even if they are still waiting on the platform. To increase comfort while traveling, passengers can spread out between the vehicles.

3.Flexible adjustment of vehicle capacities

Public transport companies can optimizely adjust their vehicle capacity according to the transport volume by using long-term passenger count data. This allows transport companies to decide how many train units should be deployed on which lines. In this way, they can adjust their vehicle capacities to meet actual demand. Transport companies can use passenger volume to determine vehicle capacity and optimize the useful lives of their vehicles.

4.Vehicle equipment that meets passenger needs

Advanced technology is used to count passengers. It provides more information than just passenger numbers. The sensor system is able to distinguish passengers, luggage, and other objects such as wheelchairs, bikes, or strollers. This makes it possible to determine the amount of space needed in the vehicle, and implement wheelchair access ramps if necessary.

5.Optimized routes

The ideal base for route optimization is the Occupancy Reports data from Passenger Counting. Transport companies can identify transport demand and adjust on a network-level basis.

6.Lower costs

The cost-effective and high-accuracy passenger counting system are highly efficient. They provide the basis for cost-effective, performance-based cost reduction by collecting and distributing differentiated data about transport performance.

7.Transport advertising generates higher profits

Because of its repeated nature and high number of views, public transport advertising is extremely effective. Transport companies can share data about people who use their vehicles to encourage other agencies to place advertisements on their vehicles. This will help to determine the impact of their advertising. Advertisers may also choose routes or vehicles that have higher occupancy rates in order to get more impressions.

8.Ticketing and payment systems

Transport providers can compare the number sold tickets to the number of people. This allows them to cross-check their ticketing systems and hasten transparency.


Note: the standard package of HSP9 includes the logical unit, one accouter camera and accessary.


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