AI Mdvr-HSA9

  • Brand: Hui Shan
  • Product: MDVR
  • Model: HSA9
  • Main Function: 8 channels video recording, 4G, GPS, dual communication, 3 axle, fleet management, includes ADAS and DSM camera.
  • Size: 189*174*60mm(logical unit); 89*71*45mm(DMS camera);
  • Payment: TT, PAYPAL
  • Applicable vehicles: truck, taxi, bus, school bus, car hailing, logistics, special purpose vehicle

The HSA9 AI MDVR is 3G/4G vehicle data recorder with professional fleet management and AI technology. It supports both SD card and hard disk for data storage and contactless IC cards, 8 channel real-time audio and video, local video, recording, local video playback, data storage and equipment maintenance.

AI Mdvr-HSA9 video

It has professional fleet management functions with its unique vehicle scheduling, monitoring, mileage statistics, TTS voice broadcast/prompt, a variety of alarm functions and many extended functions, to provide customers with more comprehensive on-board safety, quality services.

Especially, it use artificial intelligence technology to actively remind driver by alarm when it is in potential dangers and reducing the probability of accidents. The evidence will be recorded by video and audio to administer.

A typical application networking diagram is shown below.

Logical unit

HSA9 has can directly read vehicle ECU by CAN, and comes with rich interface to work with differential type of additional device.

master unit of AI MDVR HSA9

master unit of AI MDVR HSA9

master unit diagram of AI MDVR HSA9

master unit diagram of AI MDVR HSA9

master unit diagram back view of AI MDVR HSA9

master unit diagram back view of AI MDVR HSA9

ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System) and DMS(Driver monitoring system)camera



Through ADAS technology, it will analysis the driving environment, includes vehicle, road and pedestrian. Before accident happen, the ADAS device will warning driver, record. It the hugely decrease accident rate and protect life and property. It mainly includes the following function of forward collision warning and land departure warning.

Forward Collision Warning

It can alert different positions of the moving objects,  and then remind the driver timely and effectively to win the driver some respond time. Thus it can reduce the possibility of traffic accidents. To alerm/warn driver by calculation the safe distance and driving speed between driving vehicle and forward vehicle.
Ai Mdvr For Lane Departure Fuction

Ai Mdvr For Lane Departure Fuction

Lane Departure Warning

To alarm/warn driver by calculation road environment if road deviation.
Ai Mdvr For Forward Collision Warning Function

Ai Mdvr For Forward Collision Warning Function

DSM use face recognition technology is to collect dynamic facial images of the driver; then convert the biological features of the driver such as face type, eye spacing, single or double eyelid into data features and perform intelligent analysis.

It plays a very critical role in the monitoring of daily driving behavior of drivers. Face recognition can distinguish whether the driver is an authorized driver and upload to the central office.It mainly includes the following function of fatigue driving, distracted driving, cell phone driving and smoke driving.

Fatigue Driving

Fatigue driving monitoring technology accurately locates multiple feature points of the drivers face through multi-layer neural network technology, and combines clustering and neural network algorithms to assess the state of the human face. It can detect if the driver is fatigue , regardless it’s in the day or night, and whether the driver wears glasses or sunglasses. Once the driver is detected to be fatigue driving, the system will immediately trigger a warning to wake up the driver and start recording at the same time to avoid serious accidents.
Dms Monitorting Fatigue Driving

Dms Monitorting Fatigue Driving

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving monitoring technology, based on video image analysis technology, can accurately assess whether the driver has distracted driving behavior by positioning the drivers head posture and its deflection angle, etc..

An alarm would be promptly triggered to avoid accidents .

Dms Monitoring Distracted Driving

Dms Monitoring Distracted Driving

Cell Phone Driving

The cell phone use monitoring technology can accurately identify whether the driver is answering or making a phone call. Once it detects that the driver has spent more than 2-4 seconds on the phone when driving, it will promptly trigger an alarm to  avoid accidents.
Dms Monitoring Cell Phone Driving

Dms Monitoring Cell Phone Driving

Smoking driving

Smoking monitoring technology can accurately identify the drivers smoking behavior. When the driver is detected to smoke during driving, an alarm will be raised to the driver to prevent accidents.
Dms Monitoring Smoking Driving

Dms Monitoring Smoking Driving



AI MDVR specification

active safety functions(ADAS ,DMS ,BSD) yes
Size 189*174*60mm
Voltage input 9~36V
External device power output 1 channel 12V &
1 channel 5V
Power dissipation 8W
Storage 2 SD cards and 1 hard disk
Storage size 2 SD cards and 1 hard disk,SD max support 512G,hard disk max support 2T
Video 8 channels
Video bitrate can’t adjust
Local video output display 9 frames
Video Format:PAL/NTSC yes
Image Resolution max 8channels 1080P
Audio input 8 channels
Audio output 2 channels
4G communication yes
TTS voice broadcast build in TTS
G-sense built in 6 axis
data storage dual SD card and hard disk
data storage capacity SD card 512G/piece max; hard disk 3T max
Power down protection: Built-in lithium battery, in case of power down, the device can work for 2min for data storage and data reporting yes
I/O warning input support 9 channels
High level alarm output 1 channel
Driver identification: 24C02 type IC card can be accessed yes
Communication interface 1 RS485
3 RS232
USB2.0 USB port 1pcs
Real-time audio and video frame rate support 8channels 1080P 15frames
Audio-video recording yes
Image capture, alarm and status yes
On off mode The ignition switch on
12V High voltage output 1 channel
Built in printer yes

MDVR with AI tech Software Funtion

Function categories Functional subclass Function description
Audio and video monitoring Real time audio and video
  • Maximum encoding capacity: support4channel25frame720Prealtime encoding.
  • OSDO verlay (time, channel name,GPS, vehicle speed, license plate).
  • Support platform and WEB page request audio and video (monitoring or intercom).
Audio and video recording
  • Support real time recording of all channels.
  • Video OSD superimposed, for example: time, channel name, GPS, vehicle speed;
  • Support audio and video parameters local or remote platform settings.
  • Channel encoding is disabled and supports automatic recording for disaster recovery.
  • Support emergency alarm video.
  • Support automatic video coverage.
  • Support local or platform software playback single channel video, and can play, pause, drag and other control.
  • Support local and platform video download and export video of specified time period.
Dispatch monitoring location
  • Support GPS Realtime positioning data collection function.
  • System support acquisition GPS speed function.
  • The system supports retransmission of GPS data to the platform after the wireless network is disconnected and reconnected to the platform.
Mileage statistics Support GPS Statistics
TTS Voice
  • The monitoring center can issue scheduling information and synchronize TTS voice playback.
  • When speeding and fatigue driving alarms are generated TTS voice prompt.
Image capture Support image capture (timing capture, instant capture)
Alarm and status
  • Support overspeed alarm.
  • Support emergency alarm.
  • Support fatigue driving alarm.
  • Support parking timeout alarm.
  • Support line offset alarm.
  • Support zone alarm.
  • Support storage failure/Video loss alarm.
  • Support GNSS abnormal alarm.
  • Support collision/rollover alarm.
  • Support IO defined status triggers reporting.
Equipment maintenance Equipment self check
  • The device can check its own status and prompt for failure when there is a problem.
  • There are status icons on the front panel of the device with rich status information.
Device sleep Can be set in ACC After disconnecting for a period of time, the device closes some circuits, enters sleep power saving mode, and reports location information regularly
management control
  • Operating language: Chinese/English.
  • Operation interface: WEB browser interface.
  • User management: user password, management password two levels of password management.
  • Time synchronization settings: GPS time calibration, server time calibration, network time calibration, manual time calibration.
  • Configuration file import and export.
  • Front panel LCD and LED indicator shows the status of the device.
Equipment upgrade The local software can be upgraded through U disk or WEB interface or
Support platform remote upgrade
Switch mode Support timing switch and ignition switch mode
Wide voltage Support wide voltage operation (8V~36V), configurable for different models
Spare battery Standard lithium battery, automatic power supply after main power failure
Storage format Supports automatic and manual formatting of storage media
Event log Perfect logging equipment for real time alarm, management and operation and other events
Delay shutdown Support delayed shutdown after ignition switch off
Driving recorder Self check function When booting, it will automatically checkCPSantenna,3Gantenna, IC card detection, backup power detection
data record Accurately detect and record vehicle speed, brakes, turn signals, near and high beam status and mileage, and store local storage media. At the same time, the central platform can collect via wireless network, and the recorded data can be exported locally to U disk
data communication SupportRS232communication, USB communication, driver IC card
Safety Alert Overtime driving voice and report, speeding voice and report, card swiping prompt
Show print export Menu display, print or export driving record data
IOand extended functions Transparent channel transmission Provide a transparent channel for RTU (sensor) data transmission
PTZ control ReservedRS485interface to connect to PTZ (support PEL COD and PEL COP protocol)
Switch acquisition Support7way switch value acquisition, lower than5Vis low level, higher than6Vis high level
Pulse acquisition Support one way pulse collection, collect vehicle speed and report to the server
CAN Information Collection Support one way CAN information collection, collect engine and body CAN data
RS232interface connection
USB interface connection It is used to export data of tachograph;
Support charging current for peripherals500mA;
AD volume collection Support2RoadADQuantity acquisition, voltage range0~36V
display 132*64Single display screen, used for human computer interaction, with backlight
Driver identification Builtin contact IC card device
12Vhigh level output Hardware support2way, suitable EGR model control
Robbery device Support external robbery button
Built in battery Support power supply of terminal itself
Driving recorder (3C) GB/T 19056—2012
Remote configuration parameters Support remote update parameters
Irregular driving model
  • Models can be added according to customer needs.
  • Overspeed warning/Alarm.
  • Collision alarm (default1gacceleration).
  • Fatigue driving warning/Alarm (default continuous driving4hours).
  • Vehicle rollover warning.
Sleep wake ACC OFF When the peripheral is powered off, the location information will be reported every 5 minutes by default.
Multi center access The product can connect two monitoring centers at the same time and obtain the information sent by the monitoring center. The product can regularly connect with the set monitoring center platform according to the set time
Multi terminal management The product supports serial network remote mode to realize product registration, cancellation, firmware update, firmware parameter modification, query, restart, and factory resetting in the monitoring center; at the same time, the product also supports local update firmware (USBetc.) the way)
Regional alert The product can store no less than24polygonal or circular area, which is triggered when the vehicle enters or exits the prohibited area, and the monitoring area can be remotely set by the monitoring center
Line deviation reminder The product can store no less than24routes, and each route has a maximum of16points. When the vehicle deviates from the set route, an alarm is triggered, and the monitoring line can be remotely set by the monitoring center
messages receiving The device can receive the message from the server and automatically play the message in both voice and text mode
Blind spot compensation When the network is abnormal or other reasons lead to the failure of the product networking, the product can automatically save the data and report the data together in the next normal networking


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