AI Mdvr-HS180

  • Brand: Hui Shan
  • Product: MDVR
  • Model: HS180
  • Main Function: driver monitoring system, fatigue driving alarm, cell phone driving alarm, smoking driving alarm, distracted driving alarm, gesture recognition, screen block alarm, driver change alarm, no driver alarm, lane departure, forward collision warning
  • Size: 122.5*76*40.5mm(ADAS camera); 106*39*101.5mm(DMS camera)
  • Payment: TT, PAYPAL
  • Applicable vehicles: truck, taxi, bus, school bus, car hailing, logistics, special purpose vehicle

The HS180 MDVR is 3G/4G vehicle data recorder, DMS (Driver monitoring system), and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) camera with professional fleet management and advanced AI technology. It use artificial intelligence technology to actively remind driver by alarm when it is in potential dangers and reducing the probability of accidents. The evidence will be recorded by video and audio to administer.

AI Mdvr-HSA9 video

It supports TF card for data storage, real-time audio and video, local video, recording, local video playback, data storage and equipment maintenance.

The data will be saved by cloud storage as well when accident happen. If it is blocked, covered or disconnected, there will be alarm, and the video will be recorded to cloud.




ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) camera

Adas Of Ai Mdvr

Adas Of Ai Mdvr 

Through ADAS technology, it will analysis the driving environment, includes vehicle, road and pedestrian. Before accident happen, the ADAS device will warning driver, record. It the hugely decrease accident rate and protect life and property. It mainly includes the following function of forward collision warning and land departure warning.

Forward Collision Warning

It can alert different positions of the moving objects, and then remind the driver timely and effectively to win the driver some respond time. Thus it can reduce the possibility of traffic accidents. To alerm/warn driver by calculation the safe distance and driving speed between driving vehicle and forward vehicle.

Ai Mdvr For Lane Departure Fuction

Ai Mdvr For Lane Departure Fuction

Lane Departure Warning

To alarm/warn driver by calculation road environment if road deviation.

Ai Mdvr For Forward Collision Warning Function

Ai Mdvr For Forward Collision Warning Function

DMS (Driver monitoring system) camera

Dms Of Ai Mdvr

Dms Of Ai Mdvr

DMS use face recognition technology is to collect dynamic facial images of the driver; then convert the biological features of the driver such as face type, eye spacing, single or double eyelid into data features and perform intelligent analysis.

It plays a very critical role in the monitoring of daily driving behavior of drivers. Face recognition can distinguish whether the driver is an authorized driver and upload to the central office.It mainly includes the following function of fatigue driving, distracted driving, cell phone driving and smoke driving.

Fatigue Driving

Fatigue driving monitoring technology accurately locates multiple feature points of the drivers face through multi-layer neural network technology, and combines clustering and neural network algorithms to assess the state of the human face. It can detect if the driver is fatigue , regardless it’s in the day or night, and whether the driver wears glasses or sunglasses. Once the driver is detected to be fatigue driving, the system will immediately trigger a warning to wake up the driver and start recording at the same time to avoid serious accidents.
Dms Monitoring Distracted Driving

Dms Monitoring Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving monitoring technology, based on video image analysis technology, can accurately assess whether the driver has distracted driving behavior by positioning the drivers head posture and its deflection angle, etc..

An alarm would be promptly triggered to avoid accidents .

Dms Monitorting Fatigue Driving

Dms Monitorting Fatigue Driving

Cell Phone Driving

The cell phone use monitoring technology can accurately identify whether the driver is answering or making a phone call. Once it detects that the driver has spent more than 2-4 seconds on the phone when driving, it will promptly trigger an alarm to  avoid accidents.
Dms Monitoring Cell Phone Driving

Dms Monitoring Cell Phone Driving

Smoking driving

Smoking monitoring technology can accurately identify the drivers smoking behavior. When the driver is detected to smoke during driving, an alarm will be raised to the driver to prevent accidents.
Dms Monitoring Smoking Driving

Dms Monitoring Smoking Driving

AI Mdvr Specification of Model:HS180


1.Chipset, Dual-core ARM CorterxA7
2.Road-facing camera, 1080p, Sony IMX 307 sensor,54° view angel.
3.Driver-facing camera with IR LED,720P, 108° view angel.
3. Video format, H.265/H.264
4. Storage, up to 256GB TF card.
5. Connectivity, LET, multiband, WiFi in AP mode, 802.11a/b/g/n
6. Build in GPS/BD MODULE
7. Build in 6 axis sensor
8. Built-in speaker and wired microphone.
10.1/O port. 1*Micro USB 2.0, 1*CAN, 1*RS232, 1*RJ45,1*SOS, 2* turn light,1*speed,1*HDMI
11.Working voltage, DC9-54V
12.Work temperature,-20℃~70℃Size: ADAS camera,122.5mm*76mm*40.5mm;
13.Size: ADAS camera,122.5mm*76mm*40.5mm;
14.DMS camera,106mm*39mm*101.5mm


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